About Me:

I believe life is beautiful even when it is raining.

I believe love grows stronger when it tangles and twists together like vines climbing as one, reaching for the sun.

I believe in laughter and hugs and encouraging words.

I believe that a stranger is just a friend I haven't met yet.

I believe that moments are fleeting and memories need protecting and preserving.

Hi, I am Janice. I am a Vancouver Wedding and Family Photographer and mom to a 16 year old boy, Jackson, and a 10 year old girl, Olivia. I shoot in studio in South Surrey, British Columbia, and on location anywhere in Vancouver, White Rock, Surrey, and throughout the Lower Mainland.

In addition to my busy life as mom and photographer, I also am a writer, blogger, speaker, and, along with my identical twin sister, I own a website for moms called 5 Minutes for Mom.com. Yes, life is a bit busy!

I love to tell stories and take in stories -- in all their forms, especially photographically. I believe we find the meaning of our lives in the sharing of our stories.

Whether I am explaining aperture and shutter speed to an aspiring photographer, describing the fabulousness of vanilla ice cream smashed with Nutella and Peanut Butter, or recounting what my child said on the way home from school, I can barely contain my enthusiasm. Cause really -- life is just that exciting!

One of my favorite feelings in life is capturing a child's story in a photograph -- a beautiful image that preserves who they were at that very moment.

Even though children rarely slow down, let alone pose for a photo shoot, babies and kids are some of my favorite subjects. Getting the perfect shot can be a challenge, but it means the world when you get it!

While I love photographing babies and children, I do adore photographing people of all ages, from engaged couples, to wedding parties, to generations of families. My deepest honor is to capture life's most precious and yet fleeting moments to give back to you, so you and your family can remember forever just how beautiful and magical your life really is.

From Our Clients...

"Amazing job! Thank you! The entire experience has been captured perfectly! Every single moment of it! I love it! You're an amazing artist! Just phenomenal!!!" ~ Melanie, Bride

"My husband loved everything!! He actually cried when he opened the book! HE NEVER CRIES! It was a huge success. Thanks for all of your hard work." ~ Donna, Wife and Mom

"Janice Croze has a talent for capturing life at it's essence. Her work is excellent and I wouldn't hesitate recommending her for photo projects whether it be corporate or personal." - Nadia Carriere, Mom and Web Publisher, Child Mode