First post… wow… it has been a long time since I started a brand new blog. But I have been planning this site for years.

I am a full time blogger and co-own 5 Minutes for Mom.com. Over six years ago, my twin sister Susan and I created 5 Minutes for Mom as a place for me to indulge my storytelling needs while developing some nice juicy page rank for our e-commerce stores, Pedal Cars and Retro and A Rocking Horse to Love.

Within weeks, 5 Minutes for Mom took off and took over our lives. It has been an incredible ride and while I have enjoyed every challenging second, I have also wished I had more time to devote to my other favorite form of storytelling — photography.

Now, it is time. While I will still be full time over at 5 Minutes for Mom, I will also be moonlighting here, telling stories with photos instead of words.